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Comprehensive recruiting standards for experts by experts

We support you in identifying the right team member and to enter the digital age. SKILLARY is the future talent pool for matching all specialists within the built environment.


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Vision, Authenticity and Facts are the foundation. SKILLARY will show your company profile along with your company DNA, organizational structure and culture. This allows you to communicate your core values and the unique factors that will attract the talents and experts that you’re searching for.


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SKILLARY enables you to filter potential candidates based on their industry relevant skill-set. No other network will offer comparable search details while being able to cross reference these with your individual requirements.

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Manuel Schupp


Architects have the perfect skill-set for innovation and disruption. Time to make this potential visible.

Elisabeth Endres

Dipl.-Ing. Architectur, Member of the executive Board IB Hausladen

Committed and well trained staff are paramount to develop sustainable cities and building concepts around the holistic planning discipline of ClimaDesign. Skillary offers a major support to identify these team members in a highly professional manner.

Veit Knickenberg

Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Managing Director, combine Design

If you are open towards new environments, people and how they collaborate you will need to innovate how we search and find each other.


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