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5 things that make SKILLARY special


SKILLARY sets an international standard for recruitment within the built environment


By introducing SKILLARY - a platform specialized in connecting talent and companies within the built environment - we are pursuing one goal: Standardized profiles to identify, engage, compare and connect talents and companies on an international scale.

See for yourself!


At SKILLARY we set the stage for talents and companies

For the first time architects and engineers can present themselves digitally with an industry specific profile. Company profiles are specifically geared towards the informational needs of potential hires and not toward potential customers.


No other platform is more industry specific. Our intelligent matching algorithm is tailored towards the building industry. Profiles are matched internationally and cross-industry by a unique algorithm that identifies compatibility in skill, expertise, specialization and desired work environment.

Privacy and efficacy

After the initial setup of your company or talent profile no other steps are necessary. Match notifications will be delivered conveniently to your inbox. While companies have a public profile available to all talents, talent profiles will only be visible to matching companies. We even put in an extra layer of privacy: only after a talent’s explicit consent, personal data (name, gender, location and contact info) will be released. In the near future companies can manage their potential hires through the talent dashboard.

Comprehensive standardization

Reach talents and companies within the built environment like never before. Parameters shaping the talent profiles have been developed in close cooperation with our partners and enable an conclusive comparison of skills and qualification.

Accuracy and Extent

SKILLARY company and talent profiles are generated from our industry specific questionnaires. The questionnaires currently cater to 2000 parameters and growing. This allows us to map the full spectrum of respective competencies.