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Career Profiles - Dictionary for Architects and Engineers


Civil Engineer


What is a civil engineer?

The profession of civil engineer combines many different disciplines. He designs and builds roads, tunnels, residential or office buildings and even offshore-windparks.


What do you need a civil engineer for?

During his engineering studies, civil engineers specialize in building construction or civil engineering, architecture or, for example, the real estate industry. He is involved in the various phases of a construction project and checks both in the design and execution stages whether the applicable laws are being complied with.


What are the tasks of a civil engineer?

One of the tasks of a civil engineer is either to prepare drafts for a construction project himself or to check them. He makes sure that a project can be carried out within the set time and cost framework and also from the environmental compatibility point of view. He prepares the construction and takes over the project management. However, he is also active in the field of renovation and ensures that a building remains intact through appropriate measures.