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Career Profiles - Dictionary for Architects and Engineers


Energy Engineer


What is an energy engineer?

The energy engineer is involved in all conversion stages from primary to useful energy. He or she studies mechanical engineering or electrical engineering and specializes in energy technology during the main course of study.


Why do you need an energy engineer?

Since the energy revolution at the latest, there has been a very high demand for energy engineers in almost all areas of life. The areas of responsibility of energy engineers have expanded considerably in recent years. They work in large power companies on the development of new power products or in wind power and solar companies.


What does an energy engineer do?

Energy engineers, for example, plan plants for energy generation or plan networks for the distribution of energy. However, they always keep an eye on the environment and try to find energy-saving solutions. They develop software that regulates energy technology processes or are available to consumers to answer questions about energy-saving measures.