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Career Profiles - Dictionary for Architects and Engineers


Hydraulic engineer


What is a hydraulic engineer?

The hydraulic engineer is responsible for the maintenance of waterways, hydraulic structures, coastlines and reservoirs.


What are the tasks of a hydraulic engineer?

Hydraulic engineers are responsible for the maintenance of the structural fabric of dams or installations in coastal and island protection. They are called in to inspect weirs, sluices or dams and also carry out minor repair and maintenance work. They measure water levels and remove flotsam, which can become a traffic obstacle.


When is a hydraulic engineer involved in construction?

Even though hydraulic engineers are mainly active in the field of coastal and dam protection, they are sometimes involved in larger construction projects. They plan hydraulic engineering activities there, erect scaffolding and take over construction supervision and supervision. Hydraulic engineers are significantly involved in earthworks and civil engineering in the construction industry.