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Career Profiles - Dictionary for Architects and Engineers


Mechanical Engineer


What is a mechanical engineer?

In the 21st century there is a multitude of systems and machines. The mechanical engineer is responsible for the development and construction of mechanical, mechatronic and electronic devices. To do this, he must first complete a degree in mechanical engineering.


Why do you need a mechanical engineer?

There are many fields of application for mechanical engineers. They are needed in the areas of design and production and are often involved in the development and conception of an idea for a machine. Another area of responsibility of a mechanical engineer relates to the commissioning and maintenance or sales of a finished machine.


What does a mechanical engineer do?

The mechanical engineer is involved in all phases of the design, manufacture and commissioning of a machine. He prepares initial drafts, designs and develops the machine according to the customer's wishes. He can also work in many industries, including plant engineering, lightweight construction and 3D modelling.