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Career Profiles - Dictionary for Architects and Engineers


Surveying engineer


What is a surveyor?

Surveyors are responsible for ensuring that a foundation is cast with millimetre precision in the right place or that rails meet in the middle from two sides. The engineer has to study surveying for his profession.


Why do you need a surveyor?

As a rule, buildings cannot simply be placed arbitrarily on a plot of land. There are also strict traffic design requirements for the construction of tunnels, bridges and power plants. The surveying engineer must work very carefully, because his measurements are the basis for the development of areas.


What does a surveyor do?

The surveying engineer uses various measuring instruments and different measuring techniques for his work, such as radar and satellite technology and infrared images. Surveyors often specialize, for example, in surveying water bodies, roads or construction sites. They work in surveying and construction offices or in architectural offices.